So he said, “Alas, my fairest. What shall I wish in this world is none but your very word. You become too deep in your thoughts. Lost in your own significance. I daresay that I wish to converse with you about nothing. It seems like you have so much to say about nothing. Nothing indeed is your favorite word. How become of you? Nothing seems very interesting to me now. You have always answered my question with nothing. I have asked, “What are you up to?” too many times to count and your answers were the same. I have complied to study this nothing of yours. Yet, when you say nothing, your eyes tells me everything. Your mind wanders elsewhere and your face expresses an affair of your brain. Something is going on when you say nothing. I am indeed fond of your nothing now. Have I told you that when a woman says nothing, it’s everything? Yeah, I have told you that so many times. Yet, you still continue to say it and say nothing. Each time you utter the word my loveliest, your face lit up with something else. So as the poet versed, when she speaks, hook your eyes to hers so you understand her deepest. I do become accustomed of looking into your brown eyes. I admit I was consumed of hate about the nothing word at the first few months of our marriage but then you were too stubborn to change your answers. I forbid it to the point of madness. But I must say, you stubbornness pleases and displeases and amazes me all the same. Now, let’s change the subject, “What are you writing about?”

She answered, “Nothing”:)

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A woman contradicting the "do's and dont's" , the pros and cons, the before and after, the here and there" of marriage, of life, of love ; and what does it take to be someone's wife and the thought of imitating the proverbs 31 woman.

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