Have I not write about my monologue yet?

Due to unexpected circumstances and unexplained troubles which can be summarize as nothing but just simple forgetfulness,  I truly admit that I have not write since the occurrence and the extent of my first year of marriage. I may have write on my black book once I remember or once I see it, but yes, I have failed to comply my rule as a writer in the course of my marriage. I have made a promised to myself ever since his existence in my life began. That I will solve my troubles about him through writing.

Writing so much about it, do helps. Like how he controls the flow and the motion, the push and the pull and the ebb of the tide are too many things to write about. Plus, it could be an interesting topic in any marriage. Don’t you agree?

Oh well, marriage is fun – depends on who’s making fun 😉

But he who blames, blame not.  You know, it is really hard to keep a man than print him.

Have I not write my monologue yet?

Oh dear, let it be written in the wind of life.

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A woman contradicting the "do's and dont's" , the pros and cons, the before and after, the here and there" of marriage, of life, of love ; and what does it take to be someone's wife and the thought of imitating the proverbs 31 woman.

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