The Conclusion of Marriage

What shall I say about then?


I come to realize that marriage is the union of two people who at first, love and care for each other; and kill each other at the same time when needs of both are not met; and desires are not fulfilled; and when words are freed like water from a broken sprinkler that will flood the backyard, and if not fix in due time, the result is a dead spot on greenish field. In marriage – if no act of service or the love languages bestowed, or if ill words has spoken and not dealt accordingly, it shall not last and could alter the color and shapes of love and marriage becomes black and white. A love that grieves to be loved and be served with expectation defies the idea of a perfect marriage. But that’s how marriage shouldn’t  thrive, should it?  Yet, no such thing as perfect marriage. At least accept that there is none. And that, you have to comply to the original seed that marriage isn’t just about passionate kisses and total abandonment of the flesh but of love and respect,  of being a servant to one another,  and of financial differences, and especially working out these differences. And that he is a human – not a  knight of shining armor who can rescue you from it, but put you into it. In fact, the knight himself is the cause of whatever ill feelings transpired during the course of the fight and with any arguments that will happen. And if one won’t face it and instead run away from it, one will never learn to accept the ups and downs of marriage. What shall you do then when you have an unrealistic view about marriage? Don’t get married shall you say? Well, you see…marriage is a tricky thing. If you don’t learn from it, you will meet the end of it.  But if you have come to realize that marriage is the union of two imperfect person with an acceptance of these imperfections; and above all else lay it all to the one who can shapes both your heart to perfection, you bet marriage is like heaven on earth. 😀


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A woman contradicting the "do's and dont's" , the pros and cons, the before and after, the here and there" of marriage, of life, of love ; and what does it take to be someone's wife and the thought of imitating the proverbs 31 woman.

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    September 12, 2016

    I think many people give up on marriage too soon without taking time to adjust to the lows that come after the highs… Perhaps people have unreal expectations of marriage as all about passionate kisses and perfection, as you say. Go in with eyes open and be realistic is what I plan to do one day 😉 Thanks for the thoughtful post here.

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